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Recent Work  Sabhyasnchi Ghosh

Artist:Sabhyasnchi Ghosh
Size:91.0x72.0 Inch
INR 150,000
7460 People Viewed this Art

Artist:Sabhyasnchi Ghosh
Size:49.1x72.0 Inch
INR 100,000
7467 People Viewed this Art

Artist:Sabhyasnchi Ghosh
Size:49.2x73.1 Inch
INR 150,000
13263 People Viewed this Art

This is a certified ArtWork by LexiconArt. LexiconArt will provide a certificate by the painter certifying that this is an original Painting/ArtWork and has been created by him. The buyer will get two certificates as mentioned above:

1. By the Artist
2. By the LexiconArt