Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy for Domestic Orders (within India)

Shipping Policy for Overseas Orders (outside India)

Remote Area Surcharge (RAS) for Overseas Orders
According to the policies of the international carrier, an additional surcharge may be levied if the shipping address is defined by the carrier as a remote area.
This Remote Area Surcharge (RAS) would not be charged at the time of placing the order. Instead, it would be informed to you before shipping the goods. In such case, you have to pay the surcharge through the website. If the surcharge is not paid within 3 days after our notification, then we would cancel your order and refund the amount paid towards the items in full. No interest shall be paid on the refund money.


Insurance for Overseas Orders
DHL and its affiliates are committed to deliver the goods to you in time and in good condition. However, DHL and its affiliates have limited liability in case of any loss of goods during transit. The carrier will bear any loss in transit only to an extent of a limit that may change from time to time.
We therefore recommend you to opt for insurance while you place the order. The option would be available on our website whenever your order value exceeds the limit specified by the carrier. Insurance charges would be calculated as per the rates specified by the insurance company.

Customs Clearance for Overseas Orders
For some countries, if the need arises, our carrier will have to get customs clearance for your goods before delivering them to you. Any additional taxes, import duties or customs charges levied in this process will be charged to you. You are liable to pay the carrier for those charges in such cases.
We therefore recommend you to be aware of the laws and regulations governing the import of goods in the country where you want the items shipped.